Its the end of the world…

Ah yes it is the dread day of Mayan prophecy. I find it funny people believe this but ignore the scriptures. Ah well. I am having a good day thus far. Little anxiety but lots of pain. Todays musical accompaniment is Getting Paid by Zechs Marquise.

I shall post more later today if I am not eaten by a zombie!  😉

Today is the greatest…

Well I hope it is going to be the greatest day ever but more often than not, it will just be a plain old frustrating day. I noticed that my symptoms seem to be worsening as I get older. I am not sure why. I wonder if this occurs in other Aspies. I am far more anxious than usual. Well I plan to look into it.

I also want to look into whether or not my dad being exposed to Agent Orange played a part in my developing Asperger’s Syndrome.


I am going to detail my daily struggles with Asperger’s Syndrome. I don’t know what I plan to achieve but for now I shall be trying to provide a glimpse of what it is like. Anxiety is my biggest thing right now. It fluctuates in severity but it’s always there lurking about like a bad case of herpes or something. A bit crude but it’s about as welcome as an outbreak would be.

That is it for now.